NABIR-Sponsored Bioremediation Research Featured at Microbiology Meeting


Research supported by the Office of Science NABIR (Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research) program dominated environmental microbiology poster sessions at the 2002 annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, May 19-23, in Salt Lake City. Two full poster sessions were devoted to microbial treatment of soils contaminated with metals and/or radionuclides; another, more general session concentrated on microbial activity in the subsurface. Projects funded through NABIR’s Biotransformation and Biogeochemical Dynamics elements comprised half of the work presented (25 of 51 metal bioremediation posters, and 6 of 12 biogeochemistry posters). These NABIR investigators’ additional work was included in general sessions on soil or subsurface microbiology. The strong presence of NABIR-funded work at this premier microbiology meeting (organized by the largest life-science society in the US) contributes to DOE’s position as a leader in basic microbiological and environmental research.