NABIR Researcher Invited to Present at Three International Meetings (Austria, Japan, Germany)


Mary Neu, Los Alamos National Laboratory, described her work on the biological chelation and reduction of plutonium (Pu) in subsurface soil environments at 1) the Eighth International Conference on the Migration of Radionuclides in the Geosphere in Austria, 2) the Actinides-2001 Conference in Japan, and 3) the Gotenburg University in Germany. Her work is critical to understanding the fate of radionuclides released to soil environments, and to the development of new biotechnologies to migrate radionuclides at DOE sites. Her research is receiving much deserved national and international professional recognition. She has been invited to speak at a new Gordon Conference on Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry (to be held in New Hampshire), and to organize a session for the 23rd Rare Earth Conference (to be held in California). She has also initiated a collaboration with the European Centre d’Energie Atomique.