Modern Imaging Technology: Basic Sciences in Medical Applications


The Office of Science’s Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program sponsored a workshop, “Modern Imaging Technology: Basic Science in Medical Applications,” on June 14-15 at the 2002 annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM). The SNM meeting was attended by over 3,500 scientists and technologists from around the world. The workshop, organized by Drs. Michael J. Welch of Washington University, St. Louis, and William Eckelman of the National Institutes of Health, was designed to provide an update for physical scientists and biologists working in nuclear medicine and for nuclear medicine practitioners on the basic science of molecular imaging techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance, optical and radiotracer approaches to molecular imaging, and molecular approaches to targeted radionuclide therapy. The workshop, attended by over 250 participants, provided an excellent opportunity for Office of Science funded scientists, both from National Laboratories and universities, to showcase their recent research accomplishments that are leading to the development of new technologies for improved nuclear medicine diagnosis and therapy. The workshop also provided outstanding exposure for DOE’s Medical Sciences program at the SNM meeting.