Human Subjects Education Now Required at DOE Sites


The Human Subjects Protection Program of the Office of Science (SC) has notified all DOE laboratories and operations offices performing and overseeing human subjects research that a new SC-funded human subjects education tutorial is now available on-line. This tutorial is a requirement for all DOE researchers and all DOE Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) performing and overseeing human subjects research. The entire CITI (Collaborative IRB Training Initiative) tutorial can be found on the web at http://jaguar.ir.miami.edu/~citireg/citi_information.html. It contains about 14 modules that must be completed by all sites within the next two years. An implementation memorandum, signed by Dr. Ari Patrinos, Associate Director of Science for Biological and Environmental Research and Dr. Susan L. Rose, DOE Human Subjects Program Manager, was sent to all sites involved in human subjects research. This requirement brings DOE sites up to the educational expectations other agencies such as Health and Human Services and the Veterans Administration have for their human subjects research community. The CITI tutorial has been peer-reviewed and was produced by and continues to be updated by academic experts at several large universities. The tutorial is also available for program managers and administrator.