Experiment to Study Impacts of Large Concentrations of Aerosols on Climate Completed 


The ACRF Mobile Facility was deployed to China in 2008 to study climatic and environmental effects of aerosol in regions where human activities have heavy impact, through continuous ground-based remote-sensing observation on aerosol-cloud-radiation.  Preliminary analyses of multiple satellite datasets indicate more complex and unique aerosol indirect effects such as “cloud reflectivity and precipitation processes” in China than are found in relatively cleaner environments.  This comprehensive investigation of regional aerosol impacts in China was part of a joint program with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and included partners from the Chinese government and academia.  Measurements obtained at all four locations during the 8-month deployment will help scientists to validate satellite-based findings, understand the mechanisms of the aerosol indirect effects in the region, and examine the roles of aerosols in affecting regional climate and atmospheric circulation, with a special focus on the impact of the East Asian monsoon system.