Bioenergy Center Director Authors Most Cited Articles in ACS Chemical Biology


Dr. Jay Keasling, Director of DOE s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) and member of LBNL and UC Berkeley, had the first and fifth most cited articles published in ACS Chemical Biology in the first quarter of 2008. Keasling’s review article, Synthetic Biology for Synthetic Chemistry in January 2008 was the most cited and an article by Keasling and other members of JBEI, Addressing the Need for Alternative Transportation Fuels: The Joint BioEnergy Institute, was the fifth most cited. The review article explains the potential for synthetic biology (the design and construction of new biological components and assembly into integrated systems) to aid biofuel and drug production as well as biological remediation of contaminants. The article on JBEI describes the goals of the DOE Bioenergy Research Center and explains the research thrusts on feedstocks, deconstruction, synthesis of next generation fuels, and technology development.