BER-Supported ORNL Genome Web Site Wins Another Award


The Human Genome Project Information (HGPI) website, sponsored by the DOE Human Genome Program, has been selected as a member of the Medical Internet Hall of Fame. This honor was given by MD Net Guide, the physicians’ peer-reviewed guide to the World Wide Web. From hundreds of sites, HGPI was one of a hundred (10 in 10 categories) selected according to comprehensiveness, ease of use, and visual design, as well as the overall quality of the medical content. MD Net Guide cited sites honored as representing the extraordinary power of the Internet to educate and assist in the healthcare process. According to the review, “This site offers an exhaustive presentation of every scrap of information pertaining to the U.S. Human Genome Project, the ongoing effort to map and sequence the human genetic code.” ORNL Life Sciences Division staff recognized for this effort included Betty Mansfield, Anne Adamson, Jennifer Bownas, Denise Casey, Sheryl Martin, Marissa Mills, Judy Wyrick, and Laura Yust.

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