BER Researchers Highly Cited in Global Warming Science


The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)–publisher of the popular research tools Current Contents and The Science Citation Index–recently released their list of the “Top 25” scientific papers about global warming published between 1991 and 2000. Their analysis tallied the number of scientific journal articles that cited specific scientific papers about various aspects of global warming, and determined the 25 most-cited papers on the topic. Four of those 25 papers were directly related to BER research, and of the 76 authors of those 25 papers, 25 are or were supported by BER grants and contracts. The author of paper number 12, Jeff Amthor, is presently a BER Program Manager. This list from the ISI is a strong indication that BER is playing an important role in national and international scientific studies of global warming, its causes, and its potential effects on humans, economies, and ecosystems.

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