A Human cDNA Annotation Jamboree


An increasing number of genomes are being displayed as DNA sequence. The interpretation of sequence into genes and other functional structures is designated “annotation.” Annotation then serves as a core working tool, from which critical tests of the gene function and interaction are designed. Annotation Jamborees of gathered biological experts and computation professionals have proven to be events of high synergistic effectiveness. DOE is contributing to the support of an August 2002 Human-Invitational Jamboree to be hosted by a newly established Japan Biological Information Research Center (JBIRC). It is focusing on cDNAs, the stable representatives of the genes’ transient messengers for protein synthesis. While interpretation has been an ongoing process by teams working on particular genes, this will be the first public Jamboree for human genome scale cDNA annotation. There is broad international participation, as an extension of the I.M.A.G.E collaboration. See website for a concise history on organization and prior meetings.

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